Apr 19th, 2014
Why is it always me?

I’ve had a shit day today. Gone to work for fuck all as I was only there in case my colleague got a phone call saying her partners mother has died. She hasn’t so I went to work and wasted a day. I know it sounds mean but she shouldn’t have had her phone on her anyway and there isn’t much she can do if she does die. I’m so pissed off that I’ve had to miss yet another day of uni work.

I have nine books out of the library and I haven’t even got everything I need out of the first one yet. My assignment is due in two weeks. I’m screwed.

To top it all off my family got to go out drinking today while I was at work. I’ve got no uni work done and I haven’t been able to have any alcohol since I’m currently sat waiting for them at the train station. Early as they missed the train they told me they were getting. Why is April so stressful?

Apr 11th, 2014
I can’t wait for this.

2015, Meryl Streep in a film called Suffragette. Not only that but she is playing Emmeline Pankhurst. This is going to be awesome.

Mar 27th, 2014
Morning Rant

This isn’t even because of something that has happened to me but it had annoyed me.
When the train station car park is full we have to park in any bay around the area. Which means parking in front of houses as long as you don’t block the drive off. They are actual bays, yet I’ve just seen a guy stick is head out of his window and ask an older man to move his car because he has two small children and he has to look round the cars to get out.
Firstly, maybe you should reverse into your drive and not out so you can actually see.
Secondly, he isn’t blocking your drive so he has a right to park in that bay.
Finally, stop being a dick. That man is likely to miss his train now that you’ve made him piss around and try to find a parking space in an area that has barely enough.
The man actually moved his car. I would have told him where to go fuck off. He wasn’t in the wrong.

Mar 26th, 2014

This sucks. I only really use my playstation to watch shows and videos I’ve had to download, and now I can’t even do that. How did I not know this wasn’t a feature on the PS4. I’m going to have to keep my PS3 until we get an update that allows for the streaming/adding of my own media.

This hasn’t made my mother very happy. She relies on the playstation to watch her shows. I’ve got to change it all back around now and take the PS4 upstairs so she can keep watching her favourite shows.

Mar 23rd, 2014
Mar 23rd, 2014
Mar 16th, 2014

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Mar 11th, 2014
Mar 10th, 2014
"Men should be offended when someone claims that women should prevent rape by not wearing certain things or not going certain places or not acting in a certain way. That line of thinking presumes that you are incapable of control. That you are so base and uncivilized that it takes extraordinary effort for you to walk down the street without raping someone. That you require certain dress code be maintained, that certain behaviors be employed so that maybe today, just maybe, you won’t rape someone. It presumes that your natural state is rapist."
Common sense.  (via itscandidlycara)

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Mar 10th, 2014